ERC Consolidator Grants in Horizon 2020

19.10.2017 | Category: Grants

Workshop, online registration requiredmore

33rd Ernst Klenk Symposium in Molecular Medicine

15.10.2017 | Category: Molecular Medicine

Tissue regeneration, wound healing and fibrosis: Translating basic concepts into regenerative therapymore

One step further: CECAD invited to submit full proposal for Excellence Strategy

29.09.2017 | Category: TopNews

After two succesful funding periods of the Exzellence Initiative, the Cluster of Excellence CECAD is happy to be invited to submit the full proposal for the Exzellence Strategy of the federal government and states. „We are...more

Jan-Wilhelm Kornfeld takes over professorship in Odense

25.09.2017 | Category: TopNews

Jan-Wilhelm Kornfeld has been conducting his research as a CECAD PI and leading his junior research group at the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research since 2013. His studies are supported by the German Research...more

Fast-forward Aging due to DNA Damage

30.08.2017 | Category: TopNews

In the course of time the DNA accumulates more and more damage – aging is one of the results. The manifold effects of DNA damage have now been shown in unprecedented complexity. The study by scientists led by Björn Schumacher at...more

Doctoral Scholarship for a 2 years period

20.08.2017 | Category: Grants

Awarded by the University of Cologne together with the Schmittmann Wahlen Foundationmore

Review in Science: Inflammation and Metabolism in Tissue Repair and Regeneration

22.06.2017 | Category: TopNews

The skin is the primary barrier to the outside world and depends on the ability to repair and regenerate itself throughout life. Aging and aging-associated diseases are the primary risk factors for a decline in skin regenerative...more

Reprinted with permission from AAAS

Thomas Langer wins Max Delbrück Prize

09.06.2017 | Category: TopNews

Individual excellence is at the core of scientific progress and must be rewarded – that is why the University of Cologne awards Research Prizes to excellent researchers. This year, Prof. Thomas Langer of the Cluster of Excellence...more

EUROMIT 2017: Largest Conference on Mitochondria in Germany for the First Time

02.06.2017 | Category: TopNews

EUROMIT is the most important scientific conference on mitochondrial disease research. This year’s meeting will take place in Cologne from 11 to 15 June. A team of researchers headed by Aleksandra Trifunovic and Elena Rugarli...more

Thorsten Hoppe: The protein “CHIP” unfurls anti-aging activity

21.04.2017 | Category: TopNews

Researchers at the universities of Cologne and Bonn uncover the link between protein aggregation and aging Not only does our way of life determine how long we live but so too does our genetic material. Of particular importance...more

Three Scientists on Aging win ERC Grants for Cologne

07.04.2017 | Category: TopNews

Three Max Planck Scientists and members of CECAD will receive this year the highest personal award that the European Union can award to researchers. With this decision, the European Research Council (ERC) supports the...more

Natalia Kononenko in Nature Communications: A New Role for Autophagosomes in Neurodegeneration

07.04.2017 | Category: TopNews

Autophagosomes are at the center of attention, at least since the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded for research on autophagy in 2016. The much talked about autophagosomes are small membrane vesicles in charge of waste...more

Björn Schumacher publishes thesis paper: New therapies must adress aging itself

05.04.2017 | Category: TopNews

Without winning against aging diseases, Björn Schumacher, CECAD-PI and president of the German Association for Aging Research, sees no future for our society. Only when the health problems of an aging society are solved, the...more

New publication: Mitochondrial protease PARL mediates the processing of the cell death regulator Smac

23.03.2017 | Category: TopNews

Mitochondria are central metabolic organelles that regulate cell death pathways through releasing death-promoting proteins such as cytochrome c and Smac. The group of Thomas Langer has now found that the mitochondrial protease...more

Genome-based diets maximise growth, fecundity, and lifespan

15.03.2017 | Category: TopNews

A moderate reduction in food intake, known as dietary restriction, protects against multiple ageing-related diseases and extends life span, but can also supress growth and fertility. A research group from the Max Planck Institute...more

New publication by Nirmal Robinson: How pathogens escape the immune system

02.03.2017 | Category: TopNews

The bacterium Salmonella enterica causes gastroenteritis in humans and is one of the leading causes of food borne infectious diseases. Thereby, the germ is able to trick the immune system. Researchers from the Cluster of...more

Publication by Ivan Matic: DNA repair - a new letter in the cell alphabet

16.02.2017 | Category: TopNews

Cells need to repair damaged DNA in our genes to prevent the development of cancer and other diseases. Our cells therefore activate and send “repair-proteins” to the damaged parts within the DNA. To do this, an elaborate protein...more

New publication: How the brain reacts to obesity

16.02.2017 | Category: TopNews

Why does obesity make us sick? What is the reaction of the brain to being overweight? A group of nerve cells in the brain is now suspected to contribute to impaired metabolism in obese mice. A team of researchers from CECAD and...more

Expert in Aging Research from Cologne is Treading New Paths: Thorsten Hoppe was doing a Sabbatical at Columbia University, New York

30.01.2017 | Category: TopNews

Every seven semesters, German university professors have the chance to focus fully on their research – something that is not always easy in the everyday life of a university. Professor Thorsten Hoppe from CECAD, the Cluster of...more

New publication by Sandra Iden: Keeping Skin Cancer in Check

23.01.2017 | Category: TopNews

Keeping Skin Cancer in Check: How the environment influences the tumor Malignant melanoma is the fastest-growing type of cancer and the most fatal skin disease. Sandra Iden and her team at the Cluster of Excellence on Aging...more

New publication by Sara Wickstroem: Reprogrammable skin stem cells in a test-tube

20.12.2016 | Category: TopNews

New system could reduce number of animal experiments Wounds need to heal and dead hairs need to be replaced. Responsible for this are the so-called hair follicle stem cells in our skin. These stem cells can mature into all the...more

New publication by Alvaro Rada-Iglesias: Epigenomic-based identification of major cell identity regulators

19.12.2016 | Category: TopNews

The research group of Dr. Alvaro Rada-Iglesias (Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (CMMC) and CECAD, University of Cologne, Germany) has recently implemented a novel, simple and universal approach that enables the functional...more

Live long and prosper - but how? Rudolf Wiesner on health and aging in the Kölner Stadtanzeiger

16.12.2016 | Category: TopNews

Is there a way to live long and healthy? Which role do mitochondria play? In this recent article from the Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Rudolf Wiesner talks about the current state of science on aging. You can find a pdf in German here.more

Defining immortality of stem cells to identify novel anti-aging mechanisms

28.11.2016 | Category: TopNews

With age, somatic cells such as neurons lose their ability to maintain the quality of their protein content. Pluripotent stem cells, on the contrary, do not age and have increased mechanism to maintain the integrity of their...more

SFB 829 receives funding for four more years

23.11.2016 | Category: TopNews

The Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 829 “Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skin Homeostasis” has successfully renewed its consortium and will receive a further four years of funding by the German Research Foundation...more

New Publication: Solving the puzzle of necroptosis

07.11.2016 | Category: TopNews

Cells can die in many ways. Apoptosis is a regulated cell death process that ensures the orderly disassembly and removal of the dying cell. Necroptosis is a more recently identified cell death pathway that results in the release...more

New Publication: Keeping skin integrity: Par polarity matters

31.10.2016 | Category: TopNews

The skin is confronted with various environmental stimuli and exhibits a remarkable pool of stem cells and differentiated cells to face these challenges. A team of scientists based at CECAD in Cologne and led by Sandra Iden...more

Publication in Nature Communications: Of fly, mouse and man – uncovering TOR signaling as evolutionary conserved pathway in wound healing and skin damage responses

27.10.2016 | Category: TopNews

The research team led by Sabine Eming, Dermatologist at the University Hospital of Cologne and Principal Investigator at the CMMC and CECAD Cologne, identified unique functions of target of rapamycin (TOR) signaling in skin...more

mTOREKO mutants fail to form a stratified and protective epidermis. mTORC1 is activated during epidermal embryogenesis in controls but downstream targets such as S6 are attenuated in mTORC1EKO mice.

Publication in Nature Communications: New hope for better wound healing

10.10.2016 | Category: TopNews

Diabetics often have to contend with wounds that heal poorly. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, the CMMC, the CECAD Excellence Cluster and the Institute of Genetics of the University of Cologne have...more

Time-lapse of a wound healing in Drosophila (from left to right): After removal of the nucleus (in yellow) the cell membrane (in pink) seals off the gap caused by the wound.

Björn Schumacher on alpha-Campus Talks: Secrets of Aging

04.10.2016 | Category: TopNews

How does the aging body react to genome damage? With a better understanding of the the causes of aging, we could prevent aging associated diseases and live healthy longer. Björn Schumacher gives insights in the research here (in...more

New publication: A new switch decides between genome repair and death of cells

27.09.2016 | Category: TopNews

One of the most important decisions a cell has to make is a matter of life and death: can damage be repaired or is it better to undergo cellular suicide to prevent further harm? In a cascade of a so far poorly understood...more

Prof. Bernhard Schermer wins Franz-Volhard-Prize

22.09.2016 | Category: TopNews

The Franz-Volhard-Prize awarded by the German Society of Nephrology is given to outstanding scientists working on kidney diseases. This year, Prof. Schermer was awarded for his research on the pathogenesis of cystic kidney...more

David Vilchez wins Alumni of Excellence award by the Institute for Research in Biomedicine

20.09.2016 | Category: TopNews

Vilchez obtained his PhD in Barcelona 2008. Now he was honored for his research and for winning a prestigious ERC-starting grant. Congratulations! More information can be found here.more

Branko Zevnik selected as ad hoc Specialist (Site Visitor) for AAALAC International.

30.08.2016 | Category: TopNews

AAALAC International is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs. More than 950 companies, universities, hospitals,...more

Thorsten Hoppe: Unveiling the secrets of Aging

15.08.2016 | Category: TopNews

Thorsten Hoppe was recently interviewed and visited by the German newspaper Kölnische Rundschau. Here is the link to the online article:...more

Dr. Michael Lammers receives Heisenberg Fellowship from the German Research Foundation

01.08.2016 | Category: TopNews

CECAD and Emmy Noether Group leader Dr. Michael Lammers has been awarded a Heisenberg Fellowship from the German Research Foundation (DFG). Michael Lammers and his team explore how protein function can be regulated by diverse...more

Johanna Wanka visits CECAD and Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing

22.07.2016 | Category: TopNews

As part of her summer tour "The future of growing old" the Federal Minister for Education and Research, Johanna Wanka, will visit selected research locations throughout Germany. During her visit to the Max Planck...more

Stem cells feel the force - New publication in Nature Cell Biology

12.07.2016 | Category: TopNews

A team of scientists led by Sara Wickström, Principal Investigator at CECAD, the Cluster of Excellence in Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-associated Diseases at the University of Cologne, gained new insights into how stem...more

New SFB 1218 at CECAD receives funding for next four years

07.06.2016 | Category: TopNews

Mitochondria play an important role in cells for the production of energy. Latest findings suggest that their role is more complex than previously thought. Therefore, their physiological integration in the surrounding of cells is...more

Björn Schumacher at the NRW-Fortschrittslecture in Berlin

06.06.2016 | Category: TopNews

On Monday, 30th of May 2016 Prof. Björn Schumacher, Principal Investigator at CECAD, Prof. Christiane Woopen, managing director of ceres and TV host Bettina Böttinger discussed with 200 participants what is important for an...more

International Team Led by the Researcher on Aging Aleksandra Trifunovic from Cologne Wins Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action worth 3.9 Million Euros

03.06.2016 | Category: TopNews

Aleksandra Trifunovic, Principal Investigator at the Cluster of Excellence CECAD, will coordinate the REMIX project (REgulation of MItochondrial gene eXpression), an Innovation Training Network funded under the highly competitive...more

Travel Grants for PostDocs and PhD-students

03.06.2016 | Category: TopNews

More in this pdf.more

Apply now for CECAD Cologne Short Course on “Entrepreneurial Introductory Translational Research (EITR)”

18.05.2016 | Category: TopNews

Date: June 27- July 1, 2016Venue: CECAD Research Center, Cologne/ Clinical Trials Center (CTC) Cologne, GermanyWho can apply: We are seeking 15 students (Master, PhD or an equivalent degree in Biology, (Bio)chemistry, Medicine or...more

Hans Christian Reinhardt, Principal Investigator at CECAD wins Theodor-Frerich-Prize

12.04.2016 | Category: TopNews

His cancer research about KRAS-Genes (Kirsten Rat Sarcoma-Genes) was honored by the German Society for Internal Medicin (DGIM). The prize is endowed with 30.000€ DGIM´s press release can be found here. Here´s a link to a recent...more

Deutsche Welle podcast produced at the 2nd Cologne Ageing Conference

12.04.2016 | Category: TopNews

During the 2nd Cologne Ageing Conference the Deutsche Welle produced a new episode of the Spectrum-podcast. The results and the podcast "Spectrum: Fountain of youth - turning back the ageing clock" can be found here.more

Björn Schumacher on the SWR1 radio station (german)

12.04.2016 | Category: TopNews

On tuesday, 5th of April 2016 Björn Schumacher was interviewed for the german radio station SWR1. Topic of the talk was "On our way to a Methusalah-society? We have never been as old as today". More information and a...more

2nd Cologne Ageing Conference

03.04.2016 | Category: TopNews

April 3-5, 2016.

5th CECAD/MPI PhD and Postdoc Retreat on March 3 - 4, 2016 in Trier

31.03.2016 | Category: TopNews

In March of this year the junior scientists of CECAD again left Cologne for their fifth CECAD PhD/PostDoc retreat. This time, the retreat was in the beautiful Roman city of Trier, in Rhineland-Palatinate. Activities included two...more

March 15, 2016: Warburg Lecture Series & Author Workshop

04.03.2016 | Category: TopNews, Calendar

Professor Nikolaus Pfanner from the University of Freiburg, recipient of Otto Warburg Medal 2015: Mitochondrial machineries for import and assembly of proteins Program Registrationmore

Graduate School: Apply now!

20.02.2016 | Category: TopNews

The online application for 12 fully funded PhD student positions at the Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research is now available!

Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research