Junior Group Leaders

Setting up an independent research group constitutes one of the most important steps in a scientist’s career. CECAD offers young scientists a creative and inspiring working environment within the field of aging research. The advancement program for individual Junior Group Leaders offers appropriate financial backing for the rapid setting-up of an autonomous research team. Advanced training in specific areas to actively consolidate the new group include, for example, courses in team management, further instruction on obtaining funding, mentoring from more experienced scientists and regular and intensive interaction and discussions with other Junior CECAD Group Leaders.

CECAD mini symposium for junior group leaders

CECAD mini symposium – September 18, 2017

“Epigenetics and metabolism in ageing and age-related diseases”

Organized by Alvaro Rada-Iglesias and Peter Tessarz

The symposium will be dedicated to an emerging topic – the relationship of metabolism with epigenetics and their interactions with common genetic variation in the context of ageing and age-related diseases. Although the connections between metabolism, epigenetics, genetic variation and ageing are becoming more prevalent, the disciplines are not yet well connected. Therefore, the mini-symposium will bring together a group of people working on different aspects of this theme and will thus provide a platform to discuss future developments and potential collaborations. 

Understanding the stages of team development (picture courtesy of CJ Fitzsimons).
Understanding the stages of team development (picture courtesy of CJ Fitzsimons).