In a society where people are living longer and longer the Cologne Cluster of Excellence CECAD at the University of Cologne explores the causes of aging processes and aging-associated disorders. read more…

Dementia, diabetes, chronic inflammation, cancer, infection, chronic kidney disease, arteriosclerosis … all medical conditions that become more common with age. read more…

Developing new treatments for aging-associated diseases needs basic scientific research. read more…

CECAD cooperates with leading research groups and institutions on a national and international basis. read more…

New publication: Mitochondrial protease PARL mediates the processing of the cell death regulator Smac

Mitochondria are central metabolic organelles that regulate cell death pathways through releasing death-promoting proteins such as...more

Genome-based diets maximise growth, fecundity, and lifespan

A moderate reduction in food intake, known as dietary restriction, protects against multiple ageing-related diseases and extends life span,...more

New publication by Nirmal Robinson: How pathogens escape the immune system

The bacterium Salmonella enterica causes gastroenteritis in humans and is one of the leading causes of food borne infectious diseases....more

Publication by Ivan Matic: DNA repair - a new letter in the cell alphabet

Cells need to repair damaged DNA in our genes to prevent the development of cancer and other diseases. Our cells therefore activate and...more

New publication: How the brain reacts to obesity

Why does obesity make us sick? What is the reaction of the brain to being overweight? A group of nerve cells in the brain is now suspected...more

30.03.2017: Cologne GradSchool of Ageing Research: Workshops 2017

Workshops for career development of GradSchool studentsmore

31.03.2017: Registration deadline for EUROMIT 2017

International Meeting on Mitochondrial Pathology Meeting date & venue: JUNE/11 - 15, 2017, Colognemore

31.03.2017: Cologne Seminars on Ageing 2017 schedule

Please find attached the schedule of the Cologne Seminars on Ageing of the year 2017more

31.05.2017: Registration deadline for German-French DNA Repair Meeting

Meeting date & venue: 21-23, September 2017 in Colognemore

06.06.2017: Workshops 2017 (CECAD internal)

Workshops for career development of students, PhDs, junior PIsmore

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