Career Support

CECAD Female Faculty Club

We invite all interested female scientists to the regular meetings of the “CECAD Female Faculty Club”. At these informal get-togethers, we discuss general and gender-specific topics (e.g. career planning, work-life balance opportunities, mentor programs, support for women and families from the university). The “CECAD Female Faculty Club” is aimed at all female scientists, at all levels, in order to promote a vertical network between young female academics and women who are already established in their careers.

Special Courses

CECAD is aware that women tend to contribute less to discussions or conversations in a male-dominated environment due to a feeling of insecurity. Women also tend to be more reserved in the context of job interviews. CECAD therefore offers specific workshops for women scientists, e.g. to build up more self-confidence, to assess patterns of male and female communication and behavior and practice how to deal with the issue accordingly.  
CECAD also encourages women scientists to continue a scientific career by supporting their participation in the various courses and workshops organized by the University of Cologne’s ‘Female Career Center’. In addition, we also encourage participation in the Cornelia Harte Mentoring Program, which gives young female scientists the opportunity to meet women holding leading positions in research, industry, business, or research management.