One step further: CECAD invited to submit full proposal for Excellence Strategy

29.09.2017 | Category: TopNews

After two succesful funding periods of the Exzellence Initiative, the Cluster of Excellence CECAD is happy to be invited to submit the full proposal for the Exzellence Strategy of the federal government and states. „We are pleased that our concept could convince the committees and that we made it into the next round,“ says Prof. Jens Brüning, coordinator of CECAD. „Our aging society is still facing great challenges. We want to take the next step, deepen our manifold findings of basic research and transmit it into clinical application.“


CECAD now has time to submit the full proposal by the end of February 2018. The decision, which clusters are going to be funded is expected for September 2018. The University of Cologne has been invited to hand in four full proposals. The University´s press release can be found here: http://ukoeln.de/ICFKY